Oh boy, men and cosmetics, where do I begin with when aiming to talk about this sensitive issue. Trust me; it is sensitive because I can’t take sides in this entire debacle. So let’s talk about men and their needs associated with using cosmetics in context of metro-sexuality – the new you!

Metrosexual Men and Cosmetics

The general visual description of a man befits someone who has rugged features, chest hair, probably a bad breath, growling, snoring and a visage that oozes masculinity. By the way, a huge percentage of people still have faith in the power of chest hair – just like the way the people at the Oatmeal website have. But when asked about how an ideal man should look like, respondents in an NDP Survey Group came up with mixed opinions.

Some people believe that a real man is someone who resembles David Beckham or Alfie from the movie: “Alfie”. Others believe that a man should be more like European guys – he should know about cars, food and sensitive aspects of life, without disclosing it in any way.

Nonetheless, metrosexual approach is the new approach in the makeup industry. America has already spent over $1 billion in male grooming products. Since 2002, the male skin care makeup kits overlook a variety of different businesses worth $47 million alone. The world, of course, doesn’t stop there as day by day, new makeup kits, shaving products and so much more is being released to the male population only.

How did it All Start?

Ever wonder how did metrosexual culture start? There has to be some kind of a story to it. No one knows for sure but let’s just assume that it had something to do with crafty marketing guys and shaving gels.

Shaving gels and blades were the earliest to strike the male ego. You have to look good – you have to shine, you have to appear shaven and shorn in the public. Slap this image with sitcom commercials, 10:00 PM talk show breaks and the overall marketing effort to infuse us men with the idea that women adore guys with shaved faces.

Take the same concept a few notches up, and you start Seeing Eye care makeup kits, men cosmetics for skin maintenance, lip care products, body deodorants and etc. Even South Korean guys, who are working in Australia, love to use metrosexual cosmetic products without openly admitting that it is a makeup kit. To a guy, a face cleanser will always be a “hey, I just use this once in a week to wash my face because my girlfriend says so” kind of thing.

The truth is, men have religiously become addicted to anything that makeup and cosmetics industries have to wrap and put on display for them. According to various surveys conducted on the idea of men using makeup kits, it was found out that almost 9 out of 10 respondents believed these products to be a necessity.

From a male respondent’s perspective, using some kind of skin, body or facial grooming product is their way of keeping things in a perfect shape. What’s the harm in treating fine lines? What is so negative about massaging face with lotion, right after you have shaved it? Of course, there’s nothing to it. However, it is the other half of the society which confuses metrosexual men with homosexual men! Yikes.

The Metrosexual Brotherhood Welcomes You:

Raise your hand and proudly acknowledge the fact that you have used grooming accessories. Be it hair highlights or facial care kits. Welcome to the metrosexual brotherhood. The good thing about metrosexual men is how they advocate the need to take care of themselves. It is a necessity because women, these days, do care about the way you smell, look and manage yourself.

Good looks are becoming the new trend these days. If by any chance, you have good looks because of your dad’s top of the pyramid genetics, why not take this step one notch higher? Use moisturizers, dress up nicely, wear decent clothes and learn to REALLY present yourself in the public. Hand to God, people will start adoring you; looking up to you and heads WILL turn eventually!

Logically, going back to the shaving cream concept, let’s see why it is important to use shaving gel, a lotion and a moisturizer in one shot? You just shaved but if your shaving cream doesn’t have moisturizer, your skin will look chapped and flaky. On top of it, if you don’t fancy scars, you will need to use a toner and a nice lotion to avoid your face from looking like something from the frozen food section!

And admit it – good looks do bear confidence. It is more of a cardinal rule that good looks bestow attention unto you from others and vice versa. The key is not to take your metrosexual persona way too far. Then you would be something else – perhaps a homosexual makeup addict without ever admitting it. However, in the end, this is your preference, so feel free to do whatever pleases you in life. No one’s judging you bro! Peace.