The subject of beautiful smiles is as much controversial as the cost factor itself. At one hand, almost every other individual fancies perfect teeth, while the thought of maintaining this attribute is considered a luxury. That’s a big misunderstanding.

Beautiful Smile – Quoting the Unquoted:

This portion of the article will be enlightening you with respect to several factors that are usually unseen, or overlooked by the general population. Since we all know that a smile, alongside white veneers, is a big blessing – It makes us feel confident and good about ourselves.

Plus, the teeth themselves are prevented from chipping, rotting, and wearing, when a dentist is allowed to render his/her services for the said patient.

  • The first step of having that beautiful smile is to talk to your local dentist. If the dentist is good enough, you can proceed with the actual process, which will usually walk you through a couple of appointments and well-targeted goals.
  • The dentist will hook you up on one of those cosmetic dentistry programs.
  • At the very start of your appointment, the first step is to choose the type of cosmetic surgery, and determine how much preparation and cleanliness your teeth are subject to.
  • Also, you’re expected to carry out your share of the research on the internet and other areas. The best way to do that is to read different articles on the topics that relate to your medical condition; talk to different forum members who’re either looking to go through the same experience, or have gone through similar treatment in the past, and vice versa.

As per a general approach, the cosmetic dentist will carry out a cursory checkup to evaluate your condition. If you’re in need of a complete facial reconstruction, such as jaw trimming, the number of appointments and the doctor fee will vary.

Speaking of fee, the cosmetic dentist will introduce you to different packages. A single treatment will be cheaper than the entire package. But when we talk about packages, you’re probably going to get a huge discount and more perks in the end.

Let’s take a look at the average cost and appointment information below:

  • Candidate: A person who’s interested in getting his/her teeth treated under the following categories:
    • Crooked
    • Chipped Off
    • Uneven
    • Gap
    • Discolored
    • Mismatch
    • Missing Tooth/Teeth
  • Time Length Per Sitting: 1 Hour + or – Approx.
  • Total Number of Appointments: 2 – 3 At least
  • Duration of Results: Will Last For a Few Month Depending on The Treatment
  • Estimated Cost: $1000 – $1150 (Might Be Even More or Less Than That)


For people who’re looking to go for invisible bracers, and a full plate construction; granted that they don’t have their original teeth at all, the cost factor will spike up. However, in the end, the solution and packages are entirely up to your disposal.


How Am I Going To Look In The Middle of The Treatment Process?

This is a question that normally all sorts of patients come up with. Especially, the ones who’re looking to undergo a major cosmetic dentistry solution, they’re more curious about their looks than ever. Well, to tell you the truth, it depends on your condition. If you’re someone who has agreed to remove all the faulty teeth so that a new artificial gum base and porcelain quality veneers can be squeezed in, the process will take time.

It also means that you’re going to have to make do without your teeth. Unnecessary conversations, smiles and toothy exposures should be avoided as long as your dentist holds the key to the complete makeover.

On a serious note, the dentist is never ever going to pull out all the teeth at once, the entire session will be based on multiple appointments. Also, you must realize the fact that a very specific treatment is being discussed here, which is why; you should worry about your looks at all.

If you’re looking for a mere teeth whitening, or chipping removal treatment, there’s no need to be conscious of your looks at all.


-          Some Precautionary Measures:

Often times, an unattractive smile is the result of one’s own doing. For instance, if you’ve been neglecting that post dinner and post lunch tooth brushing scenario, your mouth will eventually become an open cesspool of bacteria. The germs will cause irritation, not only to you but to the others around you as well – Talk about bad breath for a second!

The precautionary measures are nothing special; we’ve all been hearing them since the coming of age. Just brush your teeth regularly, buy a good quality mouth wash, avoid eating too much candy, and don’t pass up on regular checkups at your local dentistry.